Book Two OUT NOW!

Hey Beargirls, Nerds, Otakus and Realm Hoppers! I know it’s been quiet but that’s because I’ve been Chipping away at Fun Times with Antannae and Zink Volume #2. I’ve just received the Proof Copy and I’ve been over it with a Fine Tooth Comb and I’m pretty happy with it! Fun Times with Antannae and Zink Volume #2 is a Self Published 60 Page Paperback Book and it Continues the Story of our Pals Antannae and Zink and their Quest to save the Beargods! It is Available for Purchase on Search for ‘Michelle Haycraft’ for all of her Available Books AND New Releases! The Link to Purchase Fun Times with Antannae and Zink Volume #2 is here

There is a Fall / Winter Contest going on where you can Draw your way to a Chance at Winning First Place and receiving really neat Fun Times Swag including Free Copies of Antannae and Zink Volumes 1 and 2! The Link to the Details on that is here

Also, do you know I have an Artbook ‘Ghost Lantern’ Out? You can get it in Print as a Paperback here and NOW! you can Purchase it for $10.00 in eBook Form here It’s Great! if you are curious about my Art and need a place to Start. 🙂

After the Contest Fun Times might be on some Down Time until I get New Pages of Fun Times Drawn, etc. It may take a bit to get a Few Pages ready! Be sure to Check the Contest out!


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